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In the year 2013 I opened the company with full name: Tourist services, The world is beautiful, Breda Dular, s.p. The purpose of the opening of the company was a guiding the sloveninan groups abroad. But somewhere behind everything was my deep wish to open the way to my creativity. The name of the company: The world is beautiful have some meaning. If we feel well in our world than the world is beautiful.  But if we don't feel well then we coul'd be anywhere in the world, or at home or abroad. The name embrace all my knowledg about guiding groups at home or abroad. Spiritual knowledge about selfesteem, healthy meals and preparation of healthy meals, how to relax, how to heal our inner pain... The most important what could I give is the knowledge and understanding about the way of thinking, about thoughts which could make create our world of happiness or unhappness.  When we properly think and act then the world is definitively beautiful.




During the work at the bank through twenty years I experienced how to work with money, costumers and in critical situations.
When worked in the Tourist agency Oskar I experienced guiding in different  countries: Portugal, Madeira, Spain, Baltic countries, Italy, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Libanon, Egypt, Madagascar, India, Nepal, Indonesia and helped by preperation the programs for these countries.
I also share my knowledge as volunteer at Hiša sadeži družbe (The heritage house) Murska Sobota where I present various workshops about way of thinking, different workshops about cooking healthy food,  DIY sewing and changing old clothing to the modern one, the antistress massage and travelogue presentations.
I steped on the spiritual path when I was 32 years old. I started to read different spiritual books and also books about personal growth. I read hundreds of them. I couldn't manage with all these knowledge so I started to studied at Spiritual university Ljubljana for three years. My theory got the shape and I learnt also how to meditate and  started to do yoga, taiji quan and different energetic excersizes. After that I wanted more and met Reiki- the tool for advancement. Within two years I became master for Usui and Karuna Reiki. At the same time I regularly visited evening yoga courses. After that I trained one year Chi Kung (Quigong) which was based on the teachings of Mantak Chia. I learnt the technik of the inner smile and the six healing sounds. Three years I attended Osho meditation techniks interrelated with tantra krya yoga. I learnt different meditation tehnics as dynamic meditation, kundalini meditation, smiling meditation, the sufi dance, rebirthing....I was initiated in the Cobra's breath tecnik:  I., II. III. and IV. degree. Two years I attended the courses by Bono Baršek and learnt the magical movements of Carlos Castaneda. Eight years back I met the teachings of the avatar Sri Sthya Sai Baba. My endless searching was ended. I found the source of everything.
Today I am 55 years old. Behind me is 20 years of working at the bank. When I was 41 I decided for big change and switch the job. I realized my long big wish from my childhood and started to work as tourist guide. I proved to all and to myself that the years doesent count if you change the job. I realized the words of Paulo Cuelho's book Alchimist: If you really want to do something then the whole universe is working for you.  And there is no end of surprises yet. Three years ago I established the company 'The world is beautiful' and opened the door of my creativity. Even this web page is the result of may own work and inner inspiration.



We all together standing on the treshold of something new. We are living in the time when is not important anymore where we will go but how much inner peace will we bring back home. Why is so important deep inner peace? If we understand and control ourselves then we could on easy way undersatnd and cope with our surounding where we live.
Usually when we are back from our holliday we are bringing with also completely new energy. But in the old environment this energy quickly falls. The magic of the moment which was constant in change is now off.  We falt back in our daily life to our daily repetition of habits. And why we couldn't keep new inspiration and lively energy?
In the time of our holiday is our attention turn out in the interesting world of fun, stories, meetings, wanderings and talks. We forget on ourself, on the self which is experiencing all this. We don't think about ourselves. If we could ask in this moment ourself different questions and try to answer them, then we could better understand others and ourself.
For ten years I was observing the dynamic of the traveling. On the base of this observation was born the idea about the new way of spending holiday. To discovering not just country but also ourself. But on funny and interesting way. To take also enough time for walking, talking, socializing. Where we could learn how to prepare healthy food on quick way for working people.  Where could we learn the most powerful energetic excersizes for our body, different technics for improvement of our health and the basis for the concentration and breath technics.  Where could we research the secrets of our thoughts and where they lead us and why and how to prepare them to work for us. Where could we research the relationships at work and at home and find out why other people don't behave to us as we to them. 
The combination of guiding, working with people and spiritual knowledge is opening the way to something completely new and original. The workshops are the result of all this and all knowledge collected in long years. This is creativity without boundaries and will come out only with your presence.  Work on yourself and combination with your holiday is new approach how to spend your free time. In these groups we can meet similar thinking people and share with them our experiences. And later we coul'd support each other in our life.  
Because of the organizational skills and spiritual knowledge we have a unique opportunity to organize and guide the workshop. This contributes significantly to low price of workshops. I assert that spirituality shouldn't be too expensive and must be affordable to all which wants to work on themselves.